Neeya Therapy

Neeya is a Thai massage therapy spa in South Shields. As highly-trained and experienced therapists, we will tone, repair and rejuvenate your tired muscles. Our traditional Thai body massage encourages deep relaxation and our reflexology-style foot massage will leave you walking on air. You may prefer an aromatherapy massage, using oils from our own line of quality health and beauty products.

Traditional Thai Massage

Thai Oil Massage

Thai Royal Massage

Thai Hot Herbal Compress Massage

Head, Neck and Shoulder Massage

Swedish Aromatherapy Massage

Foot Massage / Reflexology

Deep Tissue Massage

Hot Stone Therapy


Visited Neeya today and I must say it was a lovely experience, greeted by two ladies and shown into a nicely decorated and clean massage room with candles on and soft Thai music. On arriving I told the ladies on my problem areas (neck and shoulder) she took time out to concentrate on those areas for a while ensuring she got to the root! After the massage I was offered a cup of tea or a water and was left to dress. I left Neeya feeling relaxed, refreshed and comfortable. I will be returning! Thanks ladies xx
Rae Lindstaedt
Excellent deep tissue massage, found tight muscles I didn’t even realise I had. Would highly recommend.
Christopher Sneddon
1st time I visited Neeya today. Lovely lady, lovely atmosphere and very good. Had a full body deep tissue massage, now feeling very relaxed and all my aches I had previously have gone. Will be returning and telling friends and family to pay Neeya a visit.
Faye Louise
Second time ive been there now, tried the Swedish massage first then the Traditional Thai second and really enjoyed both. Very comfortable atmosphere with the soothing Thai music playing in the background which helps you feel very relaxed. Would definitely recommend and will be going back very soon.
Lee Jenkyns
First class !! We throughly enjoyed the Traditional Thai massage Very comfortable atmosphere with the Thai music playing in the background which helps you feel very relaxed. Would definitely recommend and we have booked to go back.
Jas Kaur
Lovely lady, fabulous 1st ever massage, felt comfortable. Came in with awful hip, back, neck and shoulder pain and after thai/deep tissue massage feel so much lighter. Im still achey but no way as much as before. Afterwards she made me green tea and we had a nice chat.
India Frances Helena Gerritsen
Really enjoyed the thai hot herbal massage, very relaxing. Will be going bk again & would recommend it.
Suchete Kaur